The latest beauty must-have for ladies of all ages, is perfect lashes.

Lash tint and lift has recently become increasingly popular for ladies wanting the appearance of volume and more pronounced lashes. The lashes are firstly lifeted, using a solicone pad it lifts each lash individually adding and appearance of volume. You choose the size of curl – small, medium or large. The lashes must remain in this hold for approximately 40 minutes. Once this is done, a tint of your choice is applied – brown, black or blue-black. The look created will mean no mascara is needed and will create a bright eyed appearance.

Individual lash extensions are vastly becoming the fashion must-have. Many celebrities have been seen supporting a beautiful set of lashes. The individual lash extensions are semi-permenant. An individual lash is applied to each and every one of your eye lashes, adding length, volume, shape and curl. There are three different types of treatment, a full set – which means we aim to apply and extension to each and every one of your lashes. This is approx 80-100 lashes per eye.

A taster set, which is designed to give you a feel of the extensions, it will also create a feeling of added volume and length.

Extensions are applied to around half the natural lashes, corner flicks, where lashes are applied only to the outer lashes (corner) and blended into the natural lashes to create a sweep. Lash extensions are perfect for holidays, special occasions and everyday fabulous!

Lashes Prices

Lash Extensions taster set£50
Lash Extensions full set£65
Corner Flicks£20
2wk infill£30
3wk infill£40
Party Lash Application£15
If you’d like to book a treatment, or if you have any questions please call us on 07803 819153
or send us an email at

Advice and Care

  • A patch test must be conducted 24 hours prior to an appointment
  • No oil or oil based makeup products should be used with any lash treatments. The adhesive used will react with oils and means the treatment may not last
  • Water based products should be used.
  • The lash cycle is between XX days, which means when the natural lash falls out, so will the extension, meaning the need for infills every 2-4 weeks in order maintain your beautiful lashes.
  • No makeup, steam treatments or water contact for the first 48 hours.