Semi-Permanent Make Up (SPMU)

Semi-permanent make-up is the implantation of colour pigment under the skin – not just to create long-lasting and perfect make-up but can be used also to cover scarring and alopecia .  This cosmetic tattooing process involves applying pigment just below the skin’s top layer and its effects last two to five years. 

The Process

The treatment is carried out in three appointments:
Consultation:  A small patch test is conducted, and the process and the client’s expectations are discussed.

Treatment:  This takes one to two hours.  Great care is taken to choose the right shape and colour for the client.

Top-up:  Four to six weeks later a top-up of boosting colour is applied, plus any other adjustments that might be necessary.
The treatment is not painful, but may feel slightly scratchy in areas; a soothing anaesthetic cream and gel are applied to numb the area and address any slight discomfort.

Treatment Options

♦ Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement
♦ Hairstroke/Powder Eyebrows
♦ Lip Liner / Blush

Semi-Permanent Make Up Prices

Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement Eyeliner is applied to the upper and/or lower lid Lash enhancement is created by placing pigment in the lash line, this will make them appear thicker and fuller without mascara.
Top/Bottom Liner, including consultation. (from) £250
top up £100
Top+Bottom Liner, including consultation. £200
top up £100
Hairstroke/ Powder Eyebrows Correcting the shape and drawing singlehairs to result in perfectly shaped brows. Including consultation. (from) £350
top up £100
Lip Liner Lip line to define and draw attention, enhance shape and colour to your personal taste. Including consultation (from) £350
top up £100
If you’d like to book a treatment, or if you have any questions please call us on 07803 819153
or send us an email at info@devinebeautytherapy.com

Advice and Care

♦ Do not pick, scratch or remove scabs from treated area
♦ Refrain from visiting a sauna or swimming pool. Generally avoid water directly after treatment.
♦ Avoid direct sunlight and any UV light after treatment.
♦ Protect your permanent make up with a sun block or product that contains a UV filter