Devine Beauty’s COVID 19 Health & Safety Update 

In preparation for the next announcement from Boris Johnson, I am hopeful I will be able to return to seeing clients on a face to face basis, soon 

However, certain practices will need to be adhered to, to ensure the safety of both my clients and myself and these are as follows;

  •  All products, tools and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before our appointment
  • Please do not be offended when I disinfect tools and  kit before placing into my car
  • I will launder ALL Towels  at no less than 60degrees 
  • Any non essential items from my kits will have been removed to help reduce risk, so please be specific when booking your treatment so I only bring what is necessary 
  • For the foreseeable I will be discouraging all non essential contact
  • It’s extremely important you or ANY member of your household are fit and well and have displayed no symptoms within the last 14 days
  • I will then reconfirm this 24 hours prior to your appointment 
  • ANY symptoms no matter how trivial, I MUST be informed 
  • I may cancel your appointment at any time If it’s clear you are unwell or showing symptoms 
  • If you suffer with allergies, it has been suggested taking an antihistamine before my arrival to minimise the risk of coughing or sneezing 
  • For consideration to myself please ensure a space has been cleared and disinfected prior to my arrival 
  • Ventilation will be required and so an open door or window nearby 
  • A full range of PPE will be used at ALL appointments. This includes face mask and shield, gloves and apron 
  • Each and every client will have their own Client pack, these will be charged and given to you at your first appointment (mani £5 pedi £5 mani & pedi £8.50)
  • These will include nail files, brushes, cuticle oils  and a mask 
  • I would ask you to wear this mask at all times during your treatment 
  • These packs will be yours to look after and keep safe as we will be reusing these at every appointment 
  • On arrival, I will ask we both  wash our hands, after this I would ask you do not touch other surfaces and risk contamination including eyes and face 
  • Hand gel will also be available throughout the appointment 
  • I would ask that you do not use your phone or other personal belongings  during our appointment 
  • If you have designs you would like to show me, please send those to me the day before 
  • It is important that I do not come into contact with any other household members (unless also having treatments) 
  • I know it’s super convenient with children and family life for me to visit you but for the time being I ask that its only us in a specific room
  • If this really isn’t possible then please abide by the 2 metre distancing guidelines 
  • I would urge clients to pay via a contactless method – my preferred method is direct bank transfer and this to be completed at the end of our appointment – details for set up can be found on your price list 
  • However if you do need to pay cash, please make sure you have the correct monies as I will not be carrying change 

Doing this helps minimises the spread 

To ensure maximum protection for everyone

I realise that this may all seem a little impersonal and very clinical, however for the foreseeable future this will be the new ‘normal’. Not just for me, but for all other professionals. 

As always, everyone’s health, well-being and safety is paramount. 

If you have any concerns, questions or additional requirements or requests please just ask.

Thanking you for your continued support and patience